Available Now: Thunder in the Battlefield!

Today, my brothers and sisters, is a day meant for jubilation. Not only have we vanquished our foes and driven our enemies into blood-soaked graves, but those of us who are left are left stronger than before, blessed by the powers that humans are not meant to fully know…

Or maybe Thunder in the Battlefield is finally OUT! That’s right, two glorious volumes of sword and sorcery fiction brought to you by the talented folks at Seventh Star Press and edited by the incredible James R. Tuck!


thunder covers



Don’t the covers just look rockin’ together? Both volumes are filled with stories by mega-talented authors, but in case you want to know what you’re getting ahead of time, here’s the breakdown…



Thunder in the Battlefield: Sword

featuring stories by…

G. Gerome Henson
Jay Requard
D.T. Neal
John F. Allen
Marcella Burnard
David J. West
Alexis A. Hunter
James R. Tuck
Loriane Parker
W.E. Wertenberger
Stephen Zimmer
J.S. Veter

Kindle        Nook




Thunder in the Battlefield: Sorcery

featuring stories by…

Jeffe Kennedy
Alex Hughes
Selah Janel
Steven Grassie
James R. Tuck
M. B. Weston
Brady Allen
S. H. Roddey
Steven S. Long
D. A. Adams
Mark Taverna
Steven L. Shrewsbury

Kindle     Nook


Obviously I’m excited because my story, ‘The Ruins of St. Louis,’ appears in vol. 2 (so you should check that one out first…), but I’m seriously excited for both volumes.  I love fantasy and these are some seriously talented people contributing to this anthology. Print versions will be out mid-August, so keep your eyes peeled!


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