WeWriWa: The Legend of Shadow Trace

So since I’m doing a panel at Fandom Fest about the challenges of Coauthoring today, I thought my eight for weekend writing warriors would be from my latest release with S.H. Roddey, the short story collection, Lost in the Shadows.

This is from my short The Legend of Shadow Trace, Idea Thief. It’s a story I’ve had kicking around for years, and it’s so quirky and weird I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I think it definitely belongs in this collection, and I’m proud of its uniqueness.

The Eight:

Notorious burglar Shadow Trace dreamed last night. He dreamed long and deep of a time long ago when he wore khakis and wire-rimmed glasses, and answered to Clemmy Floyd. Back then he fumbled with stealing a paperclip from the office, never mind a toaster or a heart.
With itchy fingers he walked through the desert, his loafers battered with the scritch of grains from the hourglass. His skin boiled to a lovely shade of crimson, burning away to peel off and reveal the hardened chameleon inside. He trudged past cleaned bones and jutting cacti, not lookin’, not thinkin’, just walkin’, and waitin’. He walked ten years without needing anything at all. He took no food, no water, no soul, no air.

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To find out what happens to Shadow Trace (along with other awesome stories), check out the new book!

Lost - 400x600


Journey with authors Selah Janel and S.H. Roddey to a world where every idea is a possibility and every genre an invitation.

In this collection of forty-seven short stories, lines blur and worlds collide in strange and wonderful new ways.

Get lost with the authors as they wander among fantasy, horror, science fiction, and other speculative musings.

Shadows can’t hurt you, and sometimes it’s all right to venture off the path.

4 thoughts on “WeWriWa: The Legend of Shadow Trace

  1. Intriguing snippet. I love all the imagery and confusion you’ve captured in just a few sentences. Good luck with your conference, the topic sounds fascinating.

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