Fandom Fest, ahoy!

So at the moment I’m going through the frenzy of packing, juggling some irritations and disappointments, and just plain rushing around the house like a maniac.

Yep, must be con-time. I’ll try to schedule some little posts here and there to amuse you, and I may try to post some pics to my twitter feed as they happen (no promises on FB – I’m bound and determined to not be one of those that’s plugged into everything all the time, but we’ll see how long I last). Anywho, expect many stories of my misadventures on my return! You know there’s going to be some, because I’m going to be bumming round with Susan Roddey, John Allen, Jen Mulvihill, Stephen Zimmer, Ali Justice, and many others. Fun will about and mayhem will occur! (or so I’ve been told…not that I would ever encourage anything like that…)

As a reminder, here’s where you can find me:


Friday: Author Karaoke 8:30 PM, Room 106

Saturday: Cheap and Easy Cosplay, 10AM, Room 109

Author on author interviews – 11:30 AM, Room 106

An Exploration of Horror: 4 PM, Room 106

Improv Storytelling: 5:30 PM, Room 106

Sunday: Challenges of Coauthoring: 11:30AM, Room 107


Other than that, I’ll be at the table right across from Seventh Star Press, and I’ve got books and other goodies, and some awesome swag. You’ll definitely want to stop by and see what we’re all getting up to!

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