Fandom Fest Schedule!

Apparently it’s SJ announcement week here on my blog, lord.

Anywho, For those of you attending Fandom Fest, I’ve got my panel schedule. Now this may be tweaked a little bit at some point, and I think I’m doing some events that aren’t blocked out yet, but this is the basic gist of where I’ll be and when. Otherwise, you can most likely find me at my table in the vendor room, harassing people and selling stuff (and you definitely want to visit me there to check out the free swag and all the awesome stuff you could buy from me to ensure I survive the winter  books/other stuff I’ll have for sale. I may visit a few panels I’m not on, myself, because it’s a great opportunity to learn stuff and make connections!

Saturday 10:00am Cheap Easy Cosplay
Saturday 11:30am Authors Interviewing Authors
Saturday 4:00pm Exploring Horror
Saturday 5:30pm Improv Storytelling

Sunday 11:30 AM Challenges of Co-Authoring

I believe the times/etc for stuff will go up soon, but you can get an idea of all the literary panels HERE. Of course, there’s a ton of other stuff going on, so there will really be something for everyone!

Definitely looking forward to seeing everyone this year, meeting new readers, and making new friends. I’ll see y’all there!

2 thoughts on “Fandom Fest Schedule!

  1. OH I so miss the cons.

    I would be happy to write this up if you’d like. Just don’t want to step on any “toes!” 🙂

    I guess you get invited to the cons? I was hoping, now that I’ve won some awards, even though the book(s) are children’s books, that I’d get invited too, as I’ve had my book at cons before – and I’ve been in sci-fi films, etc….. have any ideas on that (getting invited)?

    I’m guessing they have MANY wonderful other talent who are more worthy, really.



    NEWSBLAZE and EXAMINER.COM (insert deborah smith ford)

    “Natural” celeb lookalikes with Deb and her book in Las Vegas!…

    1. You are most definitely worthy, as I’ve told you many times before. I’m sure we’ll be running into each other at more of these – for better or worse, it’s up to most of us to dig around and contact people on our own. I’m not that amazing – just tenacious 😉

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