Guest Posting for Nerd Month!

A quick post to get myself out of my funk. It’s been an exhausting past couple of weeks for various reasons. Thanks to all the support you guys have shown in comments and on Facebook. Seriously, you are amazing and it helps to know there are people in my corner.

And now, a break from the cryptic whinging and self-deprecation. It’s time to get my nerd on!

A lot of people should know by now that I love comics in a bad way. I have my own preferences, and I have my guilty-pleasure manga fetish, but I absolutely love, love, LOVE graphic novels and anything along those lines. So when I was invited to post on Ellie’s blog for nerd month, it didn’t take long for me to think about what I would talk about.

Now you get to know which horror comics rock, why Skip Beat is an amazing manga, and why I’ve loved Batman for most of my life (although I spared you my Nightwing fangirling).

Check out the post here, as well as all the other great posts Ellie has up for nerd month!

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