Available Now: The Big Bad: An Anthology of Evil

It’s no secret that I love anthologies. There’s no better way to get a taste of many different authors at once, and I’ve discovered some great talents by picking up anthologies with titles that sound great from the library or bookstore shelf.  I’m very lucky to be part of some great anthologies coming out this year, and this particular book is one that I’m very proud of.

I’ll go into more depth about my story later, but suffice it to say, you won’t look at modern vampires or vampire romance the same after reading my story, Real Wild Childe. There are a lot of amazing names in this anthology, though, names that you should definitely get well-acquainted with. For now, though, here’s the basics so far:


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Everybody loves bad guys, and these are some of the baddest of them all. Forget the rules. There aren’t any heroes. No one is going to save you from the wickedness in the darkness. Monster hunters can easily become the hunted. Twisted perverts can find themselves on the receiving end of their own deviant desires. No matter how big and bad someone or something may be, there is always something bigger and badder just waiting. Even the classics like a dragon, werewolf, or supernatural being can fall victim to something even more evil. Take a peek, if you dare, inside the malevolent world of super-villains, monsters, demons and just plain evil folk. Be careful, what you see there might be disturbingly familiar …

Pretty cool, eh? I’m hoping to get some of the authors on here (even if I have to drag them kicking and screaming) to talk about bad guys, and I’ll try to have a post up soon about my own thoughts on my story, too. For those lucky souls who are going to ConCarolinas this weekend, the book is officially launching at the con, so you get to be a part of it!

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