Evil Jester Presents Needs Your Help!

Most of you probably remember that as if I’m not geeky enough, I’m also a comic book fiend. I have my preferences, but as long as there’s a good story, I’m willing to give it a chance. I really have a soft spot for horror comics, especially the anthology type that harken back to Creepy, Eerie, Tales from the Crypt, EC, etc. Seriously, the written word can be terrifying enough, but pair that with a talented artist and the opportunities are endless! Some of the best shorts I’ve read have been in anthology horror comics, and in my opinion there just aren’t enough of those around today.

So I’m extremely excited that my friend Charles Day is trying to get Evil Jester Presents off the ground. Not only does it promise to have a really intriguing selection of stories by a lot of talented authors, but I know that he has a lot more in store and up his sleeve…but only if he and the other talented folks at Evil Jester Press get your help. There’s always room for another title at the horror table, especially if it’s of the graphic novel persuasion. So please, check out the Kickstarter for this project, and if you can’t pledge then at least spread the word like mad, because time is sliding away – we only have until April 15 to make this happen!

To view the Evil Jester Presents Kickstarter, go HERE!

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