Book Blitz: Mooner

So speaking of horror, today is the blitz day for my own horror title, the historical vampire story Mooner! This e-book means a lot to me. Not only was it my first release, but writing it really got my imagination going in different directions, combining my love of the more every day aspects of American history with my love of vampires. It hasn’t done too badly over this past year, either, earning book of the month at Long and Short Reviews in November; it really makes me happy that people are open to new angles in genre, especially in horror.


So today Mooner is blitzing at different locations, so be sure to check these blogs out and spread the word, or else the vampires will crawl out of the woods and steal your whiskey. Okay, okay, maybe not, but why risk it?



Laurie’s Paranormal Thoughts and Reviews

Lindsay’s Scribblings

Celtic Lady’s Reviews

Out There Reviews and Stuff

You Gotta Read

Harlie’s Books

Melissa Stephens

Page Flipperz

Full Moon Bites

You can get all sorts of information on the title at these places, so I hope you check them out!


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