Interviewed for Women in Horror Month and a FREE short!

I wanted to take a moment to share some things that I’ve been doing around the web – you know me: busy, busy! 🙂

First I want to thank the amazing Sumiko Saulson for having me on her site for an interview in her own Women in Horror Month Recognition series. I’m really flattered and excited to be a part of such an amazing movement. Her questions really made me think, and as you can tell from her guest post here yesterday, she’s got an incredible sense of the horror genre, herself.

You can find that interview and find out my insights on writing and the horror genre HERE

I’ve also had a short story/free read of mine featured on the brilliant site of The Masquerade Crew.  Some of you will remember this from a prompt during one of the Campaign Challenges I was part of last year, and those of you who have attended my signings know that it’s also a story I use for that, too. The quirk is that I change the story subtly every time, so each version is just a little different. So even if you think you’ve seen it before, be sure to check this out. And if you haven’t, it’s a short, free read that will give you a little insight into my style.

You can check out the free short Released here


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