In support of Stephen Zimmer, a petition is presented…

Some of you may remember the amazing Stephen Zimmer, who was here a little while ago with an excellent interview and a fabulous guest post full of great information for those with questions about the way publishing is going.

Since I’m all about supporting other authors and encouraging them to expand their boundaries, it was amazing to me that there is a genre that someone with such magnificent skill shies away from. Supported by others at a twitter party for Stephen, I set about with Susan Roddey and others to make a public plea for him to correct this mistake.

So take a look at the petition and join our outcry! Surely such a phenomenal writer shouldn’t leave any genre untouched!

…also to be fair, he totally dared me to do this, so of course I had to take up the challenge 🙂

To see what exactly I’m talking about, check out the petition HERE (and sign it!)

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