Reviews for Holly and Ivy!

Granted, I don’t write to get good reviews, but they do offer a unique pick me up. It’s nice to know people like your work, whether it comes directly from readers or from review sites. I think at times people take book bloggers for granted, when in fact they do have very good views and often very good and accurate opinions. I may not always agree with them, but I’m not one to pick a fight or pout if I don’t get a zillion stars.

That being said, I’ve been very blessed to receive some downright beautiful reviews for Holly and Ivy. It not only makes me feel good to get a good rating, but to know that I’ve touched people, and that they appreciate the detail I’ve worked hard to put in…that matters. I’m touched to know that I found a good holiday vibe with the story, but that I also hit a lot of different points that worked for different people. And it never ceases to make me smile when people recognize the carol the story is very loosely based around. Plus, these guys work at least as hard as I do – to know that they made time in their busy schedules to read my work means a lot to me. The praise is nice, but the time and effort they put into their features is just as touching and matters just as much to me.

To read the review from All in One Place, go HERE

To read the review from Cabin Goddess, go HERE

both feature the blurb and excerpts, and include the rafflecopter to get in on the giveaway for a promotional copy!

HollyAndIvy72dpi (1)


To check out Holly and Ivy, go HERE (also available on amazon and b&n)


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