Unexpected and Awesome!


So I’m exhausted. Trying to do three-four shows a night, get a holiday release off the ground, and keep on top of writing and other things…and the upcoming holidays is wearing me out. However, that makes good news all the sweeter. Imagine my shock and surprise when I received an email about a LASR review for Mooner in my inbox. Not only is it a great, insightful review, but it’s been given a LASR rating of Best Book – which is above their five stars!

This also means I’m up for book of November – voting will happen Dec 1 and 2, so expect that link to show up as soon as I get it on all my social media. 🙂

In the meantime, you can check out the review HERE



Want to check out Mooner for yourself? Check it out in all formats HERE!

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