Six Sentence Sunday: In the Red

Back in the saddle with another Six for Six Sentence Sunday!

This week’s six is in honor of the In the Red tour…which means they come from my novel, In the Red (yeah, I know, way to be obvious)!

This six is from the first Sons of Pandemonium concert, when Jeremiah aka J.K. Asmodeus suddenly gets the feeling that there’s something strange about the boots.

The Six

J.K. landed and his foot stomped in an insistent, beckoning rhythm. Leviathan’s pace on the drums matched him until they were playing and stomping four on the floor. Momentarily perplexed, the guitarist paused as the crowd crammed in closer and began to clap in time. The rest of the group followed as J.K.’s foot forced his leg up and down on its own.

Well, that’s different. He stared down at the spasming limb before trying to cover his shock.



Curious about where to get In the Red? Check out the FB Page for tour info/updates, fun facts, and if you like the page/click on the bookpulse tab it’ll give you all the buy links.  For all that and more, go HERE

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