The Lost Manuscripts: Halloween Edition

HA! You thought you were safe…well I’ve saved this horrifying tale for the scariest day of the year!

This may be one of the most beautiful things my young self ever wrote, so take heed, grab someone for safety and moral support, and dare to read my chilling tale.

This little gem came from an assignment where we probably had to write something spooky about trick or treating or something that happened on Halloween. At that point in life I’d already gotten talked to by my parents about taking assignments too literally (I believe the week before we were asked to write our epitaphs or something and I vaguely remember writing something very serious that put my mom into tears, so this was probably overcompensation so I wouldn’t have to relive that moment ever again). This looks to be around ten years of age if I’m counting right.

Untitled Terrifying Halloween Tale

by young SJ

Hello, my name is Selah. This is a story about the spookiest Halloween ever. It all started when I was trick-or-treating with my friends, they tried to scare me half to death. They told me horrible ghost stories. They made frightening noises. They kept saying there was a monster around the corner. I was not scared. I had never believed in ghosts and monsters since I was little.

The night was dark and spooky. Shadows greeted us around every corner. The darkness was like a big, spooky shadow itself. The wind was howling and screaming into the night. My parents had told me not to stay out to late, but I forgot all about them!

All of a sudden, I had an idea. I ran into the darkness. I covered myself with mud and tree branches. Then I jumped out and yelled “Booga, booga, booga!” My friends ran screaming into the night. I laughed myself silly. My friends were sissies! But, I knew I should apologize.

Suddenly, I heard a screaming noise. I shook with fear when I saw a real, live ghost! A blood curdling scream came from my mouth. I turned and ran back home. I was right on time too. Now you know why this was the spookiest Halloween ever!!!!!!


See, I told you it was terrifying! You can tell it’s a school assignment because I didn’t change my name’s spelling (I had this idea at that age that if I changed just one letter no one would ever know I was inserting myself into my stories!) You can also tell that this is an assignment because I made the point to say that I apologized – this would go back to my mother checking my work and I didn’t want to get in trouble again, although I also added in a bit of street cred because there was no way I was allowed to trick or treat by myself (this was back in the day when you could be out all night and wander through the neighborhoods like pack animals). The booga booga booga was probably a phrase fixation of mine at the time.

So now I need to turn this into a legit horror story and somehow find a way to make the booga booga booga believable…hrm…I do like a challenge.

Anyway, Happy Halloween Everyone!

One thought on “The Lost Manuscripts: Halloween Edition

  1. *snort* This one surely deserves a prize! It’s so strongly in a kid’s voice and I get the feeling you really thought that story was terrifying. My first writing endeavor was a fantasy piece that included a mention of a rainbow surrounding the sun … well we all start somewhere. Thanks for sharing!

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