Fear Friday: Blog of Horrors: The Last Resort by Toy Davis

Back for more, eh? Well have I got a selection for you…

Friendly trips up to secluded cabins. These are the stories that many things are made of: romance, relationships, murder…

What happens when everyone you’re with is blinded to what’s really going on? What happens when you’re the only one who notices the danger, yet you can’t do anything about it? What happens when the fun trip you had planned ends up being…the last resort.



A group of college friends decide to spend winter break at Flow’s cabin. They invite Hailey to join them for the first time, and she agrees to go because of her crush on Flow. Unbeknown to most of them, this cabin is known as the last resort due to the families that were killed there. The situation changes as people start to disappear. Hailey is the only person to notice, and can’t seem to get the others to listen. She’s determined to make them see the danger before its too late.


Sounds deliciously dangerous and seductively psychotic, doesn’t it? If you’re intrigued, if you dare, if you think you can handle a book like this…then you can find it HERE

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