Fear Friday: Blog of Horrors: NBP Horror in Print!

A few things before this Fear Friday is finito (sorry, I couldn’t resist)..

It intrigues me that all of the authors today are women. I didn’t intend for the coincidence when I wrote Tuesday’s post, but I think this just proves that the gentler sex can hold their own in horror – and with a lot of different types of horror.  But I digress, because I haven’t even told you the best part…

No Boundaries Press is looking to start a print line next year. That’s right…and you the readers can help decide what horror title you’d like to see in print first. All of the titles I featured today are creepy contenders, so look them over carefully…and vote…HERE

Also, each of these titles can also be found at Amazon, B&N.com, ARe, and NBP is working to get their titles up on Smashwords and Novelnook as well. So hopefully these will satisfy your need for scares…until next time.

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