Blog of Horrors: The Scream of the Siren

We have one last Mocha Memoirs Press horror  title that’s dying to get its time in the spotlight.
This last title is a classic story of an encounter gone wrong. What happens when one goes looking for love, only to have it backfire? What happens when the person you think you know is capable of a love so terrifying, that it’s all-consuming? What happens when you can’t escape, and when everything leads to you facing the darkness that lurks within your own body and mind, as well? Do
you dare to think about these things? Do you dare to feel such a love? Do you dare to listen to the scream of the siren?

The Scream of the Siren

by Jessica Housand-Weaver


Jen Hanover, depressed and reclusive after her husband’s suicide, finds her life
changed forever when she meets a mysterious, brooding rebel named Alejandro. At
first, he seems to be exactly what Jen needs. But things quickly spiral out of
control as Alejandro reveals the frightening extent of his obsessive nature and
violent past. Desperate to end the dangerous affair, Jen is determined to be
free of him. Yet the more she tries to escape from Alejandro’s passionate
clutches, the more threatening he becomes. The story unravels with
heart-pounding suspense as Jen finds herself up against a criminal mind, far
more dangerous than she could have ever imagined. In the end, Jen discovers not
only the darkest truths about love and the human condition, but must also face
the lurking demons within herself.


Well, that’s that, I suppose. Unless, of course, you need to know more. Unless you just have a feeling that you could take this kind of obsession on. Unless, you’re obsessed yourself…obsessed enough to read this title from beginning to end. In that case…click HERE and take a closer look. After all, it’s just fiction. Just a bunch of words. What harm could it really do…really?


For those that have made it through every Blurb in my Blog of Horrors and have come out alive…you’re very lucky or a a creature of the night, yourself. I hope you found something to sink your teeth and claws into, something to get you into the early Halloween mood.

And for your horror authors out there, this is something I’d like to do each week through October – though unless I have a lot of titles all in one line/from one publisher I’ll probably not schedule quite so many on one day. So, if you have a horror title and are interested in getting the horror host treatment on my blog on Fridays (extended to Saturdays if I get a huge response), then email me at Selah(dot)Janel(at)gmail(dot)com with your blurb, cover, and links. And if I don’t get a response then this’ll just be a fun one-off!

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