Fear Friday Blog of Horrors: The Dark Mocha Bites Line

You’ve come to get your daily fix of SJ’s ramblings, haven’t you? You’ve come to the safe, quirky haven you’re used to perusing with your morning coffee or afternoon snack.

Instead, you’re plunged into another world…a world of terror and chills, a world where anything is possible. Last week was just a hint of what was to come, because this week you get a glimpse of the real Fear Friday.

Stop for a moment and let your mind go, let it relax and journey to a realm where there is no light, where everything thrives in darkness. In this part of the cyber-world, nothing is safe. Everything, even reading a simple post can have a price.

In this part of the internet, strange creatures roam free and bats fly all the time. Portals to other dimensions pop up freely, and you just never know who or what you may come across.

You see…part of me wants to grow up to be Elvira. It’s a lofty life-goal, I know, but I’ve decided to play horror host for special groups of authors (mainly those who will return my emails). So today, all day, I’m going to present to you some deliciously dreadful titles. This week all of my spotlights come from Mocha Memoirs Press, and most are from their new Dark Mocha Bites Line. To tell you a little about this new opportunity, I’m going to turn it over to publisher Nicole Kurtz for a guest post, and then we’ll get started with the titles, themselves.


Mocha Memoirs Press Presents Dark Mocha Bites Series

by Nicole Givens Kurtz

 Halloween, specifically, and October—in general are my favorite time of year. Fall is my favorite season, so yes, this month holds a particular place in my heart. As a publisher, I enjoy speculative fiction, and October always moved my hand from science fiction texts to horror.

While Mocha Memoirs Press publishes a lot of romance titles, we are a speculative fiction house. We love a good story, and a good, scary story is even better. Heart pounding, hair raising, I-didn’t-see-that-coming, horror is not only entertaining but thrilling.

Enter Dark Mocha Bites, our series of stories devoted to horror and horror romance. This month we’re spotlighting our new Dark Mocha Bites titles in conjunction with our already delicious horror titles.

There are several reasons Dark Mocha Bites are special.

  • They can be mash-ups of other genres. We are not afraid of genre mash-up, such as the case with Tom Olbert’s HELLSHIFT.
  • They’re fresh takes on what is truly scary.
  • These stories are usually under 30,000 words.
    • So you’re looking at short fiction to novella length stories. That is a true challenge in and of itself. To pack a solid, scary, character driven horror story into a story that’s less than 30,000 words takes skill and talent.

For authors, we’re open to new submissions of Dark Mocha Bites throughout the year. October is just the month we move the spotlight to our horror fiction.

So, if you’re ready to try a new flavor of horror, we invite you to try Dark Mocha Bites from Mocha Memoirs Press. Visit us here at http://mochamemoirspress.com.



Authors, do you dare to submit? Readers, are you intrigued? Well keep your eyes peeled, my dreadful darlings, because today, all day, we’re going to be looking at some terrifying tales!


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