Fear Friday: Blog of Horrors – Into the Realm of Mystery and Night by Janet Eckford

Back again? You are very daring…or very foolish. This is the last of the Dark Mocha Bites titles, though I have two more scary selections from Mocha Memoirs Press to share with you tomorrow.  But for right now, we have to go places where we usually dare not tread. We have to dig deep for this next title, because it’s not from this world.

This next title comes to us from a completely different place, a place where fear reigns supreme. This is a place where you feel the reactions you get while watching scary movies and hearing creepy stories all the time, simply by breathing. There are so many nuances to fear, don’t you think? There’s primal fear, fear of a good shock, and the debilitating fear that leaves you frozen in time by your own dark emotions. This book comes from a place where those emotions are constant, and aims to share you safe doses of that fear a little each day. This book is most definitely not of our world, but of the Realm of Mystery and Night.

Into the Realm of Mystery and Night
by Janet Eckford

Janet Eckford-Into the Realm of Mystery and Night

BLURB: It’s hard for me to pick a time in my life when I haven’t enjoyed the
thrill of a good scare. The heady anticipation of the adrenaline rush, the heart
beating faster, and the prickly feel of tiny hairs on the back of my neck
standing on end.This “scare” is of course always controlled and contained. I
don’t seek out fear just for the thrill of it but when I read a particularly
scary story or watch an especially frightening movie, I am in love with how that
narrative is causing my senses to go in overdrive. Fear can also have another
face, one of longing, regret and precious moments lost but frozen in time. That
type of fear is often the scariest for me to experience because the fantasy of
what may hurt me is all too real. But of course Ienjoy it just the same. This
collection of shorts is inspired by the many facets of “fear” and housed within
the context of one of my favorite holidays, Halloween.

Each day you have the opportunity to read a story that will hopefully have you
checking under the bed each night, sleeping with at least one light on or
shivering with relief that it isn’t your story being told. My greatest wish for
you is that by the 31st day of October, you too will revel in all things that go
bump in the night and with anticipation waiting for next year’s delights.


Are you squirming at the thought of so many stories that might freeze you, capture your soul, control your mind? Do you dare to readsuch a book? Do you dare to look at something from such a place? You’re tempted, am I right?  You don’t want to look, butyou have to. Well, you can click the link HERE and claim the title for your own…if you dare.

After all, sometimes, the only way to confront the things that scare us is to embrace them. Sometimes, the only way to get things out of our minds is to read them.

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