Fear Friday: Blog of Horrors – Bloody Rain by Rie Sheridan Rose

You’ve started to relax. After all, they’re just blurbs. How bad could they be? They can’t really hurt you. They can’t sink into your psyche and disturb you, right?


Our next title deals with one of the most infamous killers in history, a figure that’s still cloaked in mystery and written about to this day. Who is Jack the Ripper, really? He’s been studied, whispered about behind closed doors, and become a subject of film and fiction. But what’s the truth? What ever happened to him? And do we really want to know? The answer lies in the bloody rain.

Bloody Rain

by Rie Sheridan Rose


For over a hundred years, the world has wondered whatever happened to Jack the
Ripper. Could the answer be hiding in the cold Whitechapel rain?

It’s a snippet that raises more questions than answers, to be sure. For all we know, he could still be lurking around, perhaps even among us. Perhaps even reading this blurb has made him aware of you…perhaps he’s even looking for you…right…now.

Is that footsteps I hear?

Maybe you should check, just to be sure.

Maybe, to truly put your mind at ease, you should check out this release HERE

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