Available Now: Stories for Children Magazine



We all know I love speculative fiction. Fantasy of all sorts, Sci-Fi, Horror…I love it all! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, though: I adore children’s literature. I have so many pleasant memories of books from my childhood, and I still have been known to stop and flip through younger titles from time to time.

So it is to my excitement and pleasure that I can announce that the Back to School Issue of Stories for Children Magazine is out! My poem, Invisible Dragon, is in it, and I am squealing with delight to see the illustration that was put with it. I’m so excited, so happy!

It’s bittersweet because it’s the last e-issue of SFCM to be released, but their website will remain and I believe they’re still going to be doing projects in the future. It’s more of an evolution than an ending, so I’m curious and excited to see where that will lead. Until then, I’m thrilled my work could be included in the magazine and hope to do more with children’s literature in the future!

You can find the back to school issue of SFCM HERE

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