Six Sentence Sunday: In the Red (yet more)

What can I say, I have a lot of love to give to this book.

This week’s six comes from where we first get to see the alter-ego of Jeremiah Kensington (J.K. Asmodeus), in action on stage.

The Six:

One red foot swung up and knocked the guitarist in the back of the leg, sending him down to his knees by the singer’s feet. Baal managed to keep playing, though for a brief moment it looked like he was going to fall forward and bite it right there onstage. His eyes snapped open and he bared his teeth at the singer in hideous challenge. If he’d still been Jeremiah, the singer would have wondered what the hell he’d done, but instead he just smiled, bent low over the other man, and rested a booted foot on one of Baal’s knees. “Tempt me down and down; tear me up and I’ll bring you down,” he improvised.

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