Random thoughts on birthdays and updates

Before I forget…to everyone who offered me birthday wishes here in comments, on facebook, or otherwise – thank you. You guys are very awesome and I am very lucky to be surrounded by so much good will. It was a very nice day, indeed, save an accident where I brilliantly grabbed the wrong hair dye and turned myself into a new age Ziggy Stardust clone for a bit.

No, it’s not that bright anymore.

No, there will not be pictures.

But the incident did teach me something…so often I had it in my head (even up to a few years ago) that I had to do certain things on my birthday or it had to be perfect or something. This time, I focused on just appreciating the day, even with the dumb little setbacks and occurrences. And you know what? It was a pretty good time. I had a great meal with family, I realized I have a hell of a lot of friends who are looking out for me and appreciate me….overall it was a very pleasant, low-key kind of day.

So yep, another year closer to decrepit crone status. And to clarify that…I’m totally going to start a band and wear a mohawk (or maybe I’ll finally rock the Ziggy hair for real) when I’m like sixty or seventy (granted that’s a ways away). I’m not one of those that’s stressing about hitting a certain age (and even if I was, I’m surrounded of plenty of people who will gladly remind me what a young pup I still am).

I don’t need fancy gifts or over the top parties at the moment. I’m still just happy to be here, to be doing what I love, and to be moving forward and progressing. I’m very lucky to have the opportunities I do and to be able to embrace the ideas I love. I’d say that’s a successful day o’ birth if there ever was one.

Anyway, I’ve also been up to some other stuff here and there.

I took part in another awesome round table discussion at Sean Taylor’s blog. This time we chatted about character development. You can find that discussion HERE.

I also did a guest post for the No Boundaries Press blog, talking about some of my inspirations for In the Red HERE

And the Mooner excerpt is being featured in the same blog HERE

A new interview that focuses on In the Red is up on Makayla’s Book Reviews HERE

Working on a lot more stuff, and have some very awesome things to announce very soon, too, so keep your eyes here!

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