updates, edits, and new projects!

At the risk of posting a lot of updates right in a row, I’d like to catch everyone up on some places I’ve been and some things I’ve been up to.

Had a great time in a group podcast chat about the relationship between authors and reviewers and bloggers. A lot of great info got passed around, as well as some great advice. And I might be responsible for the new catchphrase that show inspired, ahem…you can hear the whole episode HERE

Took part in a great conversation about villains at the awesome blog of Sean Taylor! That post can be found HERE

Have a new Fandom Scene post up about the women in one of the biggest franchises of recent years: Harry Potter. You can be intrigued and riled by that HERE

Had a great time on Ali Talks Live! We talked about all sorts of things (and she got me to confess to some embarrassing stuff!), plus I read an excerpt from the upcoming novel In the Red! You can hear the whole thing and get in on a giveaway (quickly – time’s running out!) HERE

Was interviewed for LASR and they’re doing a month-long giveaway, too! Check it out HERE

I’ve got a poem coming out in an upcoming issue of Stories for Children Magazine, which should be out soon. That’s right, if you have little ones or want proof that I have a cute and cuddly side, be sure to check out my poem Invisible Dragon in the back to school issue!

It’s not to the point that I can announce it yet, but I’m finalizing another release that will be in the works very soon

I’ll also be working with Madcap Puppets again this winter, so that’s part of why I’ve been a little scattered – been trying to arrange the schedule and get all of that worked out, plus everything else.

And, of course, I’ve been reworking In the Red. What started out as a short story very quickly morphed into a full length novel, so that’s where most of my writing time has been. I’m very, very proud of this one, and I hope you’ll keep an eye out for when it releases! Think of it as Hans Christian Andersen mixed with a healthy dose of urban fantasy with some Motley Crue-esque rock thrown in.

So be sure to check all of that out and keep looking back here – it’s my intention to get back into the swing of things (for real this time), because I’ve missed talking to everyone and seeing what everyone is up to!

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