Celebrating Independence Blog Hop!


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As a little kid I loved Fourth of July. It was a day for picnics, friends and family, fireworks, and good old summer fun.

And then I discovered politics. I will admit that I am fairly liberal to the point that I know not to open my big fat mouth around people because it never ends well. The older I get the more I realize I’m just not that interested in fighting over something like that. We all have our opinions and we’re lucky enough to be able to vote on them.

It’s interesting that every time I think I’ve become sufficiently cynical, I end up loving this holiday all over again. Truth be told, as frustrating as any system can be, I feel very lucky to be American. We really do have privileges that are unique to us as a country, and I’m very fascinated by colonial history since I have a relative who fought in the revolution. In a bizarre twist of fate, my family got a call one morning when I was much younger and were told that this guy had written a book about said relative…and suddenly there was a rich part of my heritage right in my lap.

I have never felt so much of a wuss in my life. Seriously, reading about what the colonial soldiers suffered through and how long they’d march in the bitter cold or rain and just put up with infirmary or disease…it’s humbling. And then there are the pioneers (also a rich part of my family) who made due through hardships that many of us today just could never contemplate. We are very lucky to be living in the time and place we’re at. Things may not be perfect,but as far as I know there’s no utopia in the world yet, so we’re pretty lucky to have what we’ve got.

This year I don’t have plans per say, but I love watching fireworks on TV and I’m hoping that if I bat my eyes enough that the family might barbecue and break out a few sparklers (because everything is better with sparklers). This is a day where I feel like it’s okay to take pride in the greater good and to hang out with family and not feel schmaltzy about it. It’s a good day, indeed.

So it’s giveaway time! What are your plans for the Fourth? If you’re international how do you celebrate national pride? What’s a good summer celebration in your book? Do you run through the sprinkler or hang out by the pool? Do you do ice cream or popsicles? Road trips? Reunions?

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Good Luck and be sure to check out all the other giveaways at The Blog Hop Spot!

8 thoughts on “Celebrating Independence Blog Hop!

  1. Cool post on a hot day. Living as I do next to the border with Canada, and with relatives right over the border, my family used to go up there a lot when I was young. Buffalo does a sort of “joint holiday” celebration for Canada Day and Independence Day so for me July 4th is always connected with Canada.

    I agree that we’re lucky to live in the US. It’s also nice knowing that we’re friends with Canada, because in so many areas of the world, countries who share a border go to war a lot. As you know our southern border is not so peaceful. (I used to loooove sparklers as a kid, too!)

  2. I get together with my family. We go to the local parade, where I do not casually steal the candy thrown for the children. Then friends go over to my parent’s house for barbeque. At night, we watch the local fireworks since unprofessional ones, even sparklers, are illegal in my state. It is all very domestic. I do like ice cream and popsicles though. I just found out Australia beat out the US in ice cream consumption, and yet we have the highest obesity rate *sigh* so sad.
    Anyway, Happy Independence Day!


  3. we go to the fire work every day and then going to blue grass festival and watch the fie wrk there

    desi the blonde at mssn dot com

  4. I am not planning anything specific. Spending time with hubby & kids. I tend to keep my political views to myself as well. Hubby is from another country, so it is interesting to see how he views the American system. Like everything else, there is good & bad in each system, but it’s good to get an inside view of another country’s system & look at ours through more international eyes.

    Lisa G

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