The Realm Beyond: Issue 3 – I’m in it!


Issue Three of The Realm Beyond is out! Not only is the cover amazing but my story The Last Letter Home is in it! It was one of those quirky, weird little ideas that pop into my head around 3 a.m. It’s obviously the last letter home from a headstrong princess who’s tired of the repressive climate of her kingdom. Let’s just say she’s very opinionated about everything and instead of playing along she opts for a rather…alternative lifestyle choice. What – didn’t you ever wonder why so many princesses seem to be in the company of dragons?

Here’s a brief little taste:

If you are a prince, please do the kingdom a favor and don’t come looking for me. Take your moony sighs and rituals meant to flutter the female heart and kindly stuff them up your velvet-clad behind. I know all about royal men and what you expect. I will not rot away on a tacky throne after bearing you an heir! There shall be no embroidery by a window for me! I refuse to sit around with drippy ladies in waiting, the best years of my life behind me while you skulk about after some voluptuous chambermaid. I will not accept empty promises and lofty sighs as the replacement for a good — or not-so-good, as is often the case — bedfellow.

Likewise, if you are a knight who is bold, daring, and of the most genial mind please take care not to save me. I know all about you as well, my dear sir. You gallop about the kingdom on a horse meant to entice women to you, but your only real staff of value is the one you joust with. I could care less about your victories and spoils and more about what disease you’ve picked up from being your enchanting self with every available maid who buys that courtly romance twaddle! They’ll learn to listen to the old wives and crones when they discover the “gifts” you’ve bestowed upon them.


…and she gets really opinionated from there (grins). Be sure to check that and all the other awesome stories out in this cool magazine!

To grab your copy of The Realm Beyond Issue 3 Go HERE!

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