SSS – More ‘On Fire’

I’m back and ready to give you Six on Sunday! This week’s six is again from my Free Read with No Boundaries Press, On Fire. It follows the path of a DJ at the end of the disco era as both man and music drift towards their inevitable end. If you like music and are partial to spontaneous combustion then check it out HERE

My Six:

Everyone faced forward. No one cared that he was among them. There were no impulse kisses, no clinging arms. His chest began to vibrate in a soft, keening saxophone wail that tore up from his throat. Those on the street only spared him a brief, quizzical glance as the vibrato shook his frame and he nearly swooned among the eighth notes.

“Wasn’t supposed to be like this,” he muttered, hands jammed deep into his pockets as he stumbled on.

For more Sunday Six check out the rest of Six Sentence Sunday!

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