Free Read! On Fire

For those who are looking for something to read or are trying to decide how they feel about my various styles, then have I got something for you! No Boundaries Press is releasing my story On Fire as a free read. It’s a short little speculative piece involving a dj,  disco,  and spontaneous combustion. Curious? Then go to the site and check it out!



The Blurb:

All he knew was the music. It had given him success, power, adoration. As a DJ all he had to do was keep one step ahead and not let the silence creep in. And then he woke up one morning, bloody and broken in a pile of shattered glass and vinyl and realized that as quickly as he’d discovered his gift, he’d lost it. As the last fading notes of disco dissipate and the music changes he must follow the tune out of his house and onto the streets in his search for something, anything to cling to. What he discovers is the place where those who cling to the same old songs, those who refuse to change give themselves up to the inevitable.

Please Note – You will have to add it to the cart and go through the check out process but it is free and you can also choose the format.

Pick up On Fire Here!


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