Six Sentence Sunday: (more of) The Other Man

It’s Sunday so I suppose you’re expecting Six Sentences! And because I’m psychic I have selected some for you.

This week’s six are again from my new release The Other Man (brought to you by No Boundaries Press). This tidbit takes place during a typical dinner with Andrew’s family. (And maybe…just maybe…this exchange was based on a few habits I may have had as a child. Shocking I know.)


My Six Sentences:

“GodisgreatGodisgoodandwethankhimforthisfoodAMEN!!!” Miranda rattled off, quite pleased at her accomplishment and first place finish.

“That is not how we pray, young lady!” he snapped, unable to control the irritation at his eldest child’s disrespect for tradition, religion, and her father.

“But I’m hungry!” Miranda’s entire body compressed in a well-performed sulk.

“It’s okay,” Bethany soothed and threw a look towards the other end of the table.


For the hawt cover, blurb, excerpt, purchase links, etc – go here

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2 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday: (more of) The Other Man

  1. hee it was definitely a common theme while I was young enough to provide quality entertainment for my parents – though I’m sure they didn’t see it that way at the time! 😉

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