Meeting new people and I’m being Interviewed!

One of the things that I’ve loved about putting myself out there is meeting all sorts of new people. Be it the amazing folks I’ve met through Fandom Fest, people who are helping me with promotion, Kharisma Rhayne and the amazing people of No Boundaries Press, the amazing writers at Wicked East Press, blog hop coordinators, Tuesday Tales writers…the list could go on forever. And these are some wonderful folks – I think it’s very tempting to think of writing and promotion as a numbers game, but you shouldn’t disqualify the actual people that are helping you out. In slowly getting to know everyone and putting myself out there I’ve met some really awesome friends.

I met Jess through a Facebook group I’m on and she graciously agreed to interview me and let me promote my titles on her blog. And her blog is fun! I love the fact that she asked me questions relating specifically to my experiences and interests – I’m still getting used to being interviewed and admittedly it always takes me by surprise that people are interested. Keeping things in my comfort zone was awesome and I’m really pleased with how this one turned out.  Plus, how can I not like someone who hates sparkly vampires and appreciates naps?

You can find my interview on Jess’s blog Here and be sure to keep checking back during the next couple days for more goodies! And keep checking back on her blog because it’s a lot of fun!

EDIT: My guest post for Jessica’s blog can be found Here – I’m talking about early influences and my tendency to warp my educational experiences.

I’m also taking part in a round-table discussion on Sean Taylor’s Blog about re-vamping old characters and fandoms Here

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