News and Updates!

I’ve got a lot of updates/things to announce so I thought I’d make it easy on everyone and put it all in one post.


Congratulations to Sandy and Charles! They are the winners of the giveaway hosted on Juniper Grove! They each have won a copy of ‘Mooner.’ I’ve already emailed you guys but I’ll get those copies to you soon.

More Giveaway Opportunities are Coming Soon!  I’ll be taking part in the St. Paddy’s Day Blog Hop on March 16 – I’m still determining what the prize will be but you definitely want to be in on this! Besides all the individual prizes (126 authors/bloggers are involved!) there’s going to be a really awesome grand prize! This is definitely one to get in on! I’m also scheduled to take place in the Hoppy Easter Blog Hop from April 6-8. Authors/Bloggers – I believe this hop is still open for people to sign up on!

Please visit Autumn’s Bitchin’ Book Reviews where I’m the Author of the Week! She asked some great questions and I really enjoyed being interviewed by her – plus her blog is awesome!  To check it out – Go Here!  I’ll have more guest posts/interviews coming soon – I try to post them as they happen on my facebook/author fb page/ twitter. If I get enough dates confirmed ahead of time I’ll write them up here, as well.


The New Order Form at The MacGuffin is Live! My story ‘No Place Like Home’ is in the Winter 2012 issue and I have to say that I’m really enjoying the issue as a whole. This is a really smart and interesting publication and the people behind it are just fantastic. Please check out this awesome publication!  For the new order form please Go Here


My Titles are No Longer Available on Bookstrand – Because the site only wants to deal with their established customers it seems that my titles will be removed (along with a lot of other people’s.) As unfortunate as this is, so far my titles will still be available at all the other sites they were originally put up on. If this changes I’ll let you know. I’ve had a lot of questions regarding the format Mooner is available as – please note my ebooks so far will all have Kindle, Nook, and PDF options (There may be a few others but this is what I remember and what seems to be the most popular.) No matter where you get it from, please take the time to give my titles/author pages a like where you can!

In the Wake of the Developments with Places like Smashwords, Bookstrand, and Paypal there have been a lot of nervous feelings among indie authors and small presses. No Boundaries Press has worked very hard this week to start offering a vendor option to other publishers and indie authors – complete with ways to have transactions that do not involve Paypal. They’ll still be available for traditional author contracts, too.  I can vouch very highly for this company – not only are they dedicated to being very fair to authors, but their core belief is that readers and writers should not be censored or limited in their content. If you’re interested please check out the blog posts and updates at


I think that’s it for the moment! More news as it comes – and now I’m back to the grind!




2 thoughts on “News and Updates!

  1. Wow! There is a lot of news! Congrats for being the author of the week at Autumn’s Bitchin’ Book Reviews!

    And I think this whole business with Bookstrand and things like that just means that they’re shooting themselves in the foot. I wonder how many people actually buy from Bookstrand.

    Although the paypal thing is a shame.

    Cherie Reich – Author

    1. Thanks!

      I agree – I think Bookstrand’s hurting themselves in their inability to roll with things. I’ve heard that paypal’s backing down somewhat but it’s obviously still a concern – it seems like it’s more paypal that has the issue than the credit card companies; they don’t care as long as they get their money. It’s definitely something to keep an eye on.

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