Bee mine! (insert cute little pink and red bee here)

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All righty, well after yesterday’s mush fest it’s time to get back to form! You know what I love about Valentines Day? Kid’s valentines. I have such fabulous, ridiculous memories of those goofy storebought cards. I don’t know if schools still do this, but I remember putting a lot of effort into transforming a shoebox into a magical confection of hearts and doilies that would hold the five million professions of love from my millions of admirerers (Seriously, where does that massive ego we have as kids go?? We need to bottle that stuff and bring it out when we need it later in life). I also miss the goodie bags we got at this class parties. You know, the silly little plastic rings and trinkets with hearts and moony-looking gorillas on them that will be played with for a whole five days before they end up getting jammed under the couch or breaking the vaccuum cleaner (not that I was ever guilty of that as a child. Ever. Nope, not me.)

But those cards were always fun. When I was cleaning out the mountains of stuff that had been kept from all my past lives – my guess is my parents are just waiting to start a massive museum in my honor.  In an ancient scrap book I  found a booklet of these cards that I’d actually kept and mounted as a kid (again, it never hurts to keep track of your throngs of admirerers.)  It was such a cool time capsule – pictures of the Muppet Babies, Snoopy, Jem, Transformers…oh man, talk about a nostalgic trip! Even the generic ones that were splashed with cutsie monkeys, puppies, kittens, etc were adorable.  And of course most of these had hilarious captions and jokes to go with them, but were simply signed by the romeo in question on the back…although, in a twist that I’d completely forgotten, a lot of the cards I’d saved had phone numbers on the back. I can’t even begin to face the irony that my six-year-old self could get more phone numbers than my current self.

Even now I will admit to sneaking into the holiday aisles and looking over the boxes of cards for a good giggle. I don’t know why they strike me as so funny, but I love them.

And in the spirit of these cards…Today is Comment And Get Two Entries Day!

That’s right! Today, if you want two entries instead of one into my giveaway, follow the rules below — if you don’t feel like going the extra mile, any regular comments will still be accepted, but they will only be counted as ONE entry.

For the Double Entry:

You may remember that my first release, Mooner, has just come out. A little while ago I posted This Post about the vocabulary words I used for the story. In it is the list of words straight from my story, as well as two more links to dictionaries of lumberjack slang.

Your challenge is to use words from those lists and make up a lumberjack  Valentine poem or saying that would be a throwback to those goofy cards that I love so much. Epic love poems are also appreciated, as they are probably the only ones I’ll get this year 😉 But you MUST use at least two of those words in your cute saying/poem. You can use more, but the extra effort won’t get you any more than one double entry. For example, you could do something like….

When I drink rotgut I turn red

The winter cold turns me blue

You may have pants rabbits

But I’m still yaps for you!

And no, you can’t use that one – I’m totally claiming pure genius like that 😉

Have fun, and don’t forget to visit the Blog Hop Spot!

9 thoughts on “Bee mine! (insert cute little pink and red bee here)

  1. How about:
    My little ponies are pink
    Moggie from fraggle rock is blue
    Garbage pal kids may stink
    But barbie makes this valentines rock for you!

    LOL!!! Well poetry wasn’t in my fortae but I gave it my best shot…LOL!! This was fun!! Thanks!!

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day ^_~
    I was surprised when my Mom showed me all the Valentine’s cards I’ve given her as a kid, surprised that she kept them for such a long time.
    So, I don’t know if I can be as creative but I’ll take a look and post again if I get inspired. 😛


  3. Ah…Jem Valentines. That did make the valentines truly outrageous. What would life have been without them and the Scooby Doo ones!
    So here’s my poem.

    I have a mackinaw that’s red
    But I don’t have one that’s blue
    So I hope you haven’t been a blanket hoist
    Because I’d like that blue one too.

    Good thing I don’t write poetry for a living!

    And by the way you blog name makes me laugh everytime I see it.

  4. Your bum is blue
    My cheeks are red
    Stop limbing out, swamper
    Get back in bed!

    Totally thinking of two guys here – but that’s just me. Of course, I don’t know if “swamper” is a tool or a person – it’s a person here 😛 All about limb- and brush cutting *nod nod*, though the limb cutting could be a bit painful.

    Happy V-day, Selah!


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