It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…

I want to take a minute to talk about the holidays. Nah, I’m not going to get religious or sentimental, not gonna re-hash any memories. But since we’re going to be getting into December proper, I want to say this while it’s in my head. So I’m going to get on my high horse for a moment, so no one walk directly under me or I’ll probably jump off and try to tackle you just to see if I can do it. Ahem.

If you’re out and about this year, by all means enjoy yourself. Enjoy shopping, enjoy the movies, have fun at any special stuff you go to be it theatre shows, sponsored holiday events, concerts, etc. And yes, the holidays get stressful. I’m not saying you don’t have a right to be irritable, frantic, frustrated, or upset. But I would like you to take a minute to consider the people you may walk right by who participate in these events: the cashiers and store managers, clergymen, postmen, the bell-ringers on corners, the mall Santas and elves, all the people who go into putting on those holiday concerts and Christmas-themed shows be it ‘A Christmas Carol,’ ‘White Christmas,’ or the random carolers and performance artists that go into putting on a live spectacle this time of year. Please don’t be dumb to them. It’s not cool. I know you work hard and you spend your money and want to kick back, turn your brain off, and enjoy a night out, but remember that all of these people are working their butts off so you can have a great holiday season. A lot of people have to deal with it by default, but remember that a lot of folks take on that sort of work as extra employment this time of year if they can.

My own experience is with the performing crowd in this aspect. I’ve done a lot of different Christmas gigs in my life and I always enjoy myself. But remember that if we’re working hard to give you a holiday, we have to rush even faster to make our own. I’m not taking a day off until after New Years (except Christmas Eve and Day) – that’s absolutely fine, that’s what I signed on for. Truth be told I know people who are working a few jobs and not taking any time off from Thanksgiving past New Years, so I’m not complaining a bit. I love making kids smile and hearing everyone enjoy the show I’m working on. But it saddens me that so many people walk around either ignoring the people I’ve listed or being outright rude to them – and I mean all age groups. I could tell a lot of stories but I’m not going to do it here on a public forum – plus inevitably it’ll get me on a rant that will last forever and I’ll get all ticked off, and then I won’t sleep well and who needs that?

It’s perfectly fine to lost yourself in a little holiday magic, but just be appreciative. Don’t snap at your cashier if they don’t ring you up fast enough. Don’t be jerky to your post office if they’re out of a certain stamp. For the love of God don’t yell at Santa or push through a group of carolers because they’re in your way. Don’t go to a show and love it in the auditorium but act outrageous in the parking lot afterwards. Realize that the minister that does the service you take comfort in probably hasn’t seen his or her own family a lot during the holidays because there’s so much to do (services to plan, people to visit, activities to head up…).

You don’t have to run up and randomly hug all these people, but please try to realize that in your panic and irritation at relatives or schedules, in your frustration with a huge to-do list, there’s no reason to take it out on the people that are trying to help you or trying to give you a little joy. Be aware that there are no enemies or people actively trying to make things hard for you. There are a whole lot of people trying to help you out and give you a magical holiday season.

That said, stay safe and have a great month because there are a lot of really fun, cool things to do out there!

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