Happy Krampusnacht!

It’s that time of year! By which I mean Krampusnacht. And if you don’t know who Krampus is…SIGH. Here: This will help. It really pains me that there are so many amazing Christmas monsters out there (No, seriously, you have no idea. There are loads) and yet people really aren’t aware of it. While I’m … More Happy Krampusnacht!

Prose: Krampus Waits

Happy Krampusnacht! Now this is a part of December I can get behind. For those who don’t know about Krampus, you’re missing out. He’s coming back into his own, but he’s still fairly unknown throughout a lot of the world. It’s a pity, because tonight’s his night. You see, in the old days Saint Nick … More Prose: Krampus Waits